‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Recap: Tammy Slaton’s Family Fears She’s Pregnant – S04E09 – Walkin’ on Eggshells

1000-Lb Sisters tonight sees Tammy Slaton‘s husband-to-be facing the full fury of the Slaton-Combs clan as they worry she might be pregnant. Will Caleb Willingham survive the onslaught of suspicion once Amy Slaton spreads it around that he stalked her on the TLC show? Check out our recap of Season 4, Episode 9 Walkin’ on Eggshells.

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1000-Lb Sisters Recap: Tammy Slaton Tells Family She’s Engaged

Hey, there reality TV fans. This is Soap Dirt, and we’ve got a 1000-Lb Sisters recap for you from Season 4 Episode 9, Walking on Egg Eggshells. This entire episode focuses on Tammy Slaton revealing her engagement to Caleb Willingham.

And the family’s reaction and the reveal that she’s got a super fast wedding date coming up. Then Soap Dirt’s got some exclusive scoop on the wedding and what’s ahead. So we’re gonna dig in. It’s time for the TLC recap.

In the first scene, we see some Fall decorating with Amanda Halterman and Amy Slaton outside setting up some fall decor. Michael  Halterman shows up too and Gage Halterman’s running around on 1000-Lb Sisters.

Amanda’s bossing Michael around and Amy jokes that he won’t listen to her while Amanda’s making him her b*tch. And then she laughs and says Amanda doesn’t even have a husband and she’s using hers like that.

They break out some face paint. Gage is splattering some on Amy. And then Tammy calls. Tammy’s nervous because she’s got big news and she reveals that she is engaged to Caleb. She even shows the ring and their jaws dropped.

Amy Slaton Furious That Caleb Willingham Put a Ring on it so Soon – TLC Recap

After hearing the news, Amy is all “WTF?”. She thinks it’s a joke. She calls Caleb a total stranger. But at the same time, Amy says that Tammy loves hard and fast and said her sister told a guy that she loved him after an hour. An hour? What the heck?

So, then on a 1000-Lb Sisters, Amanda says It’s fast, but Tammy Slaton says they’ve been together a month. And then the big kicker, she says they’re getting married in two weeks on November 19th. This is November of 2022 just so you have the timeline of when they were filming.

They ask about Caleb and she says he’s working towards surgery and they wanna leave rehab at the same time. But all that seems very improbable because Tammy’s already had her surgery.

She’s already dropped a ton of weight and she’s about to get her trach out. So, she’s just on the cusp of going home. While Caleb is pre-op. So, the sisters are all stunned.

They’re not happy and Amanda’s really worried because she thinks that if this ends up in a divorce, Tammy will not be able to cope.

Wedding Planning on 1000-Lb Sisters

Then our next big scene on 1000-Lb Sisters, Season 4 Episode 9, is Tammy and Caleb talking about their wedding plans. Tammy’s decided she wants to have the wedding at the rehab facility because they have so many friends there.

And of course, their friends can’t go anywhere else, and it’s a lot easier just to have Tammy’s family come up there. The producers talk to them about honeymoon plans. Caleb’s being really sweet.

He says he just wants to hold her and talks about them being stuck together like glue. Tammy talks about dreaming of her wedding and the perfect man since she was little and says, this bond feels right, but her family just doesn’t get it.

Chris Combs Dishes with Amy About Tammy’s Plans in Recap

Then we skip ahead to another scene on 1000-Lb Sisters with Chris Combs and Amy Slaton at the gym. Chris was at work the day that they got the call about the engagement. The siblings talk about some things they have in common.

Both Chris and Amy are still trying to lose weight. And they both wanna get skin removal surgery. Amy also calls it a cold day in hell because Tammy Slaton’s getting married.

Meanwhile, Chris is completely stunned and he thinks she needs to get the family’s approval first. Then, Amy drops the huge thing that Soap Dirt already covered and that is that Caleb is basically a stalker.

He found out online. Actually a wife of a friend of his found out where Tammy was in rehab. And Caleb went there and got himself checked in, specifically to meet her.

Is there a fine line between romantic and stalker-ish? I don’t know, but the family definitely feels like Caleb has crossed it on 1000-Lb Sisters.

Amy wonders what’s up with him. And her brother says it makes no damn sense. He calls it BS. He’s got a lot of anger, frustration, and profanity. He plans to confront Caleb Willingham on the TLC show. They talk about the two not being able to take care of themselves.

1000-lb Sisters Season 4, Episode 9 Recap: Tammy Slaton Needs Maid of Honor

The next scene of the episode has Amy and Michael Halterman spending some time with Gage. They take him to a little playground, and then Tammy calls with a big ask. She wants Amy Slaton to be her maid of honor and she wants her to plan the wedding.

Tammy Slaton reminds Amy that that’s exactly what she did for her when she married Michael. Amy tries to make some excuses about how her hands full now that she’s got the two kids. But Tammy says, no excuses b*tch. Do this.

So, Amy agrees to take care of it, but says if there are any red flags, then that. Ain’t getting married. We’ll see… Amy worries, and says a funny quote: “It will end up in travesty…”

And she thinks they might change their minds about this marriage once Tammy gets home from rehab. But it’ll be too late because they’re married then.

Siblings Head to Ohio for Wedding – Is Tammy Thinking with her Cooter?

Scene five of Season four, episode nine of 1000-Lb Sisters has part of the family heading up to the wedding. They’re going up to Gibsonburg, Ohio. It’s two weeks later and it’s a day before the wedding.

In this scene, we see Michael Halterman, Chris Combs, Brittany Combs and Amy Slaton Halterman plus the two babies, Gage and Glenn all in the minivan on the road to Ohio. Misty Slaton and Amanda Halterman are gonna come up the night before the wedding.

So, the first part of the family gets there first to meet Caleb. Then, Chris talks about them not having a dad growing up and says it’s his role to protect his sisters. And he says, that’s “redneck Bible” right there.

He’s ready to tell Caleb what he thinks. Chris’ wife, Brittany, is being a little sweeter about it and she says sometimes when it’s meant to be, you just know as soon as you meet that person. Thus, she really wants the siblings to give Caleb the benefit of the doubt.

But Amy worries that Caleb might be a serial killer. She says, “Tammy’s thinking with her cooter”. Now, if you’re not Southern, maybe you need a translation. Cooter is how rednecks refer to lady bits.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy’s Family Confronts Caleb Willingham

Then we move into the next scene on 1000-Lb Sisters tonight, which sees Tammy Slaton and fiance Caleb waiting on family to get there. He’s anxious. He knows that he will love her family, but says he doesn’t know if they’ll love him.

She says her family is “no Brady Bunch” and calls them unpredictable, hard a$$es. Then, Caleb goes into a coughing fit and calls it “nerve-wracking” and needs to put more oxygen in his trach. So, this is already stressing him out.

Then, Chris, Michael, Amy, and Brittany come in and they’ve got the babies. And they hand Glenn over for Tammy to hold and feed. Next, Caleb looks at the baby and talks about them having kids. Michael’s jaw just drops open like it’s a fly-catcher.

And Amy pulls this face like — no way dude. And then the whole family just glares. You can just hear the crickets. It’s just awkward silence. However, the first thing they wanna talk about with Tammy is how great she looks.

Tammy dropped 97 pounds since her surgery at this point, and again, this is like mid-November 2022. Amy says when they talk online that Tammy still looks big. But in person, you can really see it.

So, these 1000-Lb Sisters are definitely getting under a thousand pounds for the first time. Because Tammy’s down around 450 and Amy is around 300. So we’re at 750-lb sisters. This is monumental.

Tammy Reveals She’ll Get Trach out Soon

Chris is really proud of Tammy Slaton and they ask her about getting her tracheostomy out. Tammy says if she doesn’t have any sleep apnea issues, then the trach will come out. Then, she’ll just be on regular oxygen for a while.

Caleb insists that he’s not too far behind. But then he tells them that he’s coded twice since being in rehab. So, twice they’ve had to bring him back from the brink of death. And he still hasn’t had his gastric surgery. And, he’s still really heavy… So, hmm.

Chris says that Tammy has this future that she never expected. Now, Tammy went from bedridden to on-the-cusp of having a normal life, but he worries about what if Caleb’s always stuck in rehab. What will that mean for her on 1000-Lb Sisters?

So, Chris says later he wants to talk to Caleb one-on-one. And Tammy’s fiance wheels out of there to get a breathing treatment and leaves her to talk to her sister and brother and their spouses.

Amy says that he seems nice enough, but she says true colors only come out later. She’s still hoping that Tammy will postpone the wedding.

1000-Lb Sisters Recap: Tammy Says Yes to the Dress as the Wedding Draws Near

In scene 7 of 1000-Lb Sisters, we move into wedding preparation mode. Amy brought several dresses for Tammy to try on, and she says she hopes one of them will fit. Or Tammy Slaton will have to walk down the aisle naked and says, “I ain’t seeing that sh!%”.

Amy starts pulling out these big, long dresses and calls the first one a sheer tablecloth. And another she calls an antique tablecloth. Tammy says, “I don’t wanna look like no damn antique table”.

Then, she holds out one that’s pure white and says, “but you’re not a virgin”. So, Tammy goes off on her and says, Amy should have been married in black that’s how bad she was.

Then, we get down to the final two choices — both strappy sundresses. Tammy Slaton tries on the sundresses. The first one has Amy saying, “you don’t have enough titt**s for it”. It is kind of loose. So, then Tammy tries on the other one and calls it “beyond perfect”.

Then, Amy asks on 1000-Lb Sisters, “are you saying yes to the dress?”. And Tammy Slaton calls her cheesy, but then says yes to the dress. So, it’s all really funny. But then her sister has a laughing fit and says that Tammy looks like a bowling pin.

There’s a whole bunch of laughter and humor in these episodes, which is nice, especially after episode after episode of stress and tension.

And, you know, Tammy’s anxiety over her weight and then her being so upset with the therapy. So it is really nice that Tammy’s family is together and that they are all being happy.

Chris Combs vs Caleb Willingham on 1000-Lb Sisters Recap

Then on a 1000-Lb Sisters, we go into scene 8. And this is Caleb’s man-to-man chat with Chris on season 4, episode 9. Chris says he plans to put the fear of God into Caleb Willingham.

He says he doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t have time to get to know him. So, Caleb tries to make up for that by offering some information. He says he’s 39, has never been arrested, and has no criminal record.

Then he asks about jobs and Caleb says fast food work and tree trimming. Right away, Chris sees a problem because they can’t financially support themselves. He doesn’t think they can medically support each other either and just calls it facts.

He says the guy can’t get a job or pay the bills. And, then he lays into Caleb and says they’re trying to get Tammy Slaton self-sufficient. Now, if he doesn’t get healthy, then 1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy will be stuck taking care of him.

And that’s not what he wants for his sister. He wants Tammy to live her best life and he doesn’t want this guy holding her back. Or the very worst-case scenario the siblings see is that Caleb might drag Tammy back down to her old bad habits.

Caleb says all the right things about how he’s very motivated and how Tammy Slaton loves him and he loves her, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Chris says he hopes it’s true, but he’s heard similar things from Tammy and then she gave up. So, he’s very skeptical.

Have You Met Queen Tammy?

What’s really funny is Chris asks if Caleb has met her alter ego — Queen Tammy. And, he says that’s what they call her when she shows her a**. And he says she’s damn near impossible to deal with when she’s in Queen Tammy mode.

Caleb insists that he likes a challenge and says that they have a calming influence on each other on 1000-Lb Sisters. But then Chris says Tammy can be a Queen B**** with a capital B. So, he laughs and says that Caleb’s probably got some big a** chewings ahead from her.

He says two months is not long enough for him to be “knowing nothing about her really”. But he does also say that Caleb seems like a good country boy. Then he adds that if Caleb acts the fool at the wedding, he will object.

But he promises not to show his a** until Caleb shows his. So, it seems that they’re at a good point.

On the Road to the Wedding — 1000-Lb Sisters Recap

Then, we head into scene nine, which is the wedding. We see all the siblings together in the minivan. They left the hotel together to head over to the rehab facility for the ceremony. And Amanda takes the lead in this conversation.

She’s anxious and questions his mobility and health. Because Amanda and Misty Slaton were not there yesterday. they’ve still not met the groom. They came in the night before, so they missed the introduction to Caleb on 1000-Lb Sisters.

Amanda jokes around and starts talking about how are Caleb and Tammy Slaton going to consummate their marriage. Chris says he doesn’t want to think about it. Maybe some viewers don’t want to think about it either.

But it seems like Amanda’s given this some serious thought because she starts talking about how they have cranes at the facility to lift people. And then she said it might be like sperm whales mating. And then she makes some noises and slaps her hands together.

It’s very funny. Despite the humor, she doesn’t like them rushing the wedding. Chris jokes about them rubbing tracheotomies together and says maybe that’s how Tammy will get pregnant.

Then, that devolves into a conversation where the siblings wonder if that’s why there’s a rush on the wedding. Did Tammy find a way to get pregnant? Interestingly, Amy says that after weight loss surgery, a lot of women get pregnant after suffering from infertility.

That’s what happened to her. So, they’re worried on 1000-Lb Sisters. Chris says Tammy can stand up, and maybe she just backed up on Caleb. So, you’re gonna get all kinds of mental pictures watching this episode.

Tammy Slaton Pregnant? Family Worries it’s a TLC Shotgun Wedding

It’s very interesting. They also talk about how Tammy’s impatient about everything. And, now that she’s lost some weight she’s rushing into this marriage and they worry, maybe she’ll rush into having a baby.

Amanda says it’ll be dangerous if she gets pregnant. Tammy’s still at 450 pounds and has more weight to lose. But Chris says you just never know. And Amy doesn’t like this either and says, Tammy getting pregnant will f*** up everything.

So, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens. Now, the wedding isn’t happening on 1000-Lb Sisters until Episode 10. And at the end of episode 9, we get some glimpses in a preview for the wedding day.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton
Image Credit — Soap Dirt

As a side note, while this wedding does take place in November 2022, Soap Dirt exclusively reported that the marriage was not legal! In fact, the duo was not actually married until January 18, 2023.

They waited until the day before their Ohio marriage license was due to lapse before they said legal vows in front of an officiant in Ohio. You can see the marriage certificate above as we were the first to report.

Next Time on 1000-Lb Sisters — Caleb Worries about Runaway Bride

In the scenes from Season 4, Episode 10 on TLC, one thing Tammy Slaton asks on her wedding day is that her siblings not run her groom off. Then, they all want to confront Tammy and want to know if she’s pregnant.

Plus, Amanda and Misty sit down with Caleb. And they are gonna threaten him with his life. But then everyone gets together for the wedding and they wonder why Tammy is late. Caleb worries that Tammy Slaton might be a runaway bride.

Stay tuned to TLC and be sure and check out our 1000-Lb Sisters video above and podcast and all of our Slaton articles right here at Soap Dirt.

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