Cape Cod Space Force Station receives ‘robot dogs’

The U.S. Space Force announced that Cape Cod Space Force Station has received an unmanned ground vehicle as a semi-autonomous “dog” meant to enhance their base security protocols on Feb. 24, 2023.

The Space Force said in a release that automated robotic security firm, Asylon Inc., will partner with the 6th Space Warning Squadron, in increasing efficiency of installation security.

The squadron will benefit in being provided assets, in the form of the robotic security dog and charging station, to maintain high-tempo perimeter security operations for deterrence and real-time intelligence.


Asylon has multiple contracts with the military to modernize and operationalize security patrol robots. As Base Defense Operations Centers migrate from a decentralized approach to a centralized one, automated security robotics are playing a pivotal role in modernizing this process. By leveraging automated unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to provide superior remote intelligence, Security Forces are more resilient and better prepared for any situation.

As noted by the company, for the first time, security operations can execute an active response to legacy passive sensors from a centralized remote command center. These remote monitoring and active response capabilities propel base security into the 21st century.

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