Megyn Kelly Blasts Fox News For Ignoring Tucker Jan. 6 Video

Podcaster and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly questioned why Fox News network largely ignored the bombshell video from January 6th, released by Tucker Carlson.

On the Wednesday edition of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show, Kelly spoke with Breaking Points host Emily Jashinsky about the release of the footage and the silence from most of the Fox shows regarding the scoop.

Kelly began by pointing out an article previously published by Mediaite citing that Fox largely ignored Carlson’s segment on the January 6th footage.

Kelly disagreed with the claim in the article that Fox News completely ignored the segment, pointing out that Laura Ingraham featured a guest on her show to follow up on it, but still noted that Fox “dayside” hasn’t been on it.

“But I think it’s true that most of the Fox dayside is not covering it. Bret Baier did one report, using their Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram, which included some of the criticism, but it’s not like — I mean, trust me, I worked at Fox for many years, so if somebody gets a big, big scoop, you know, you ride it, you ride the wave, you, you blanket the channel with it,” Kelly explained.

“You have it exclusively. It’s yours. Nobody else has it. The fact that it’s not ubiquitous across the channel definitely says something,” she said.

Jashinsky added that Senator Chuck Schumer “challenged Rupert Murdoch to not let Tucker air this stuff anymore.”

After the video Jashinsky suggested Fox’s hesitancy to cover the January 6th footage network wide could stem from the lawsuit on Fox from Dominion Voting Systems.

Dominion filed a lawsuit arguing that Fox acted “recklessly” in their coverage of the 2020 election, while Fox maintains that their coverage is protected by the First Amendment.

“I agree with you, Megyn,” Jashinsky said.

“It’s interesting that Fox isn’t picking it up, but it might be because on the news side, they are getting a lot of pressure and some of the leaks that have come out of the Dominion lawsuit show that they’re very sensitive and they’re probably spooked by the lawsuit in and of itself,” Jashinsky said.

“But that’s no excuse not to ride your own reporting,” Kelly pushed back.

“Either you stand by it or you don’t. Either it belongs on the channel or it doesn’t, you know, either — If Tucker airs it, it’s fair game for the channel. You can’t just have — like run and hide once he breaks this big story, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not happening.’ That makes no sense to me,” Kelly said.

Listen above via SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show.

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