Michael B. Jordan’s Buddies Gave Him a Hard Time About His New Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign

“Of course, everybody hit me about those. My guys, they talk shit,” Jordan says, still laughing. “It’s the most probably exposing photos that I’ve had so far in my career…[so it’s] a catch 22. Of course, it’s great and all that cool stuff, but then your boys, they don’t want to see that shit in their timeline. They have their jokes: ‘My girl’s watching this shit. Relax.’” He joked on the Creed III red carpet about having to give his mom a heads up when the pictures went online.

He added that, while he of course looked back to Mark Walhberg’s iconically macho 1992 CK spot, he was excited to carve out his own place in the broader Calvin Klein universe. “It was something I’ve been wanting to do for some time,” he says. “You look back at history, look at ads. Calvin’s had one of the more iconic billboard campaign ads…then being able to have a person of color, you know what I’m saying? [With] all the other stars that Calvin’s been making over the years. I felt good to take the helm in that type of way.” The full Calvin Klein spring campaign, which carries over the brand’s tagline—“Calvins or nothing”—and features fellow ambassadors like Kendall Jenner, Blackpink’s Jennie, FKA Twigs, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, goes live today.

Courtesy of Mert and Marcus for Calvin Klein

With the movie out and awards season winding down, Jordan is hoping he’ll get a chance to go see his CK billboard in one of its two iconic locations—on Houston Street in New York City and La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles—and then, ideally, take a nice, relaxing vacation, somewhere “peaceful, without people.”

“I’m all peopled out,” he admits. “I’m done peopling for a little bit. I’m just going to go somewhere where I don’t have to talk too much and I can be in my own thoughts.” Somewhere, presumably, where he can sit around in his boxer briefs without anyone looking.

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