New Apple Music Classical app is launching this month

Apple is giving Apple Music subscribers a free trip to the symphony, and you don’t even need to get dressed up for it.

The iPhone maker announced on Thursday a new app called Apple Music Classical, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s Apple Music, but specifically for classical music, and anyone who already pays for Apple Music can listen for free. It’ll launch on March 28 and you can pre-order(Opens in a new tab) it now.


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Apple Music Classical promo image

Classical music has never been so modern.
Credit: Apple

According to Apple’s press release, Apple Music Classical will contain “the world’s largest classical music catalog,” ranging from newer pieces to the classics. There will be exclusive albums (though Apple didn’t specify any), and you’ll even have some pretty nifty granular search options at your disposal. Need to find a specific conductor or catalog number? Apple Music Classical’s got you covered.

You’ll also get composer biographies and support for Apple’s spatial audio(Opens in a new tab) feature on some tracks. Unfortunately, Android owners will need to wait; Apple says an Android version of the app is coming soon but didn’t provide a date.

It’s admittedly a bit odd for Apple to silo classical music into its own app, but these genre-specific features all sound neat, at least. Hopefully, there’s a Tár tie-in at some point.

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