Tim Tszyu vs Tony Harrison boxing fight 2023 LIVE updates: Main event, start time, weigh-ins, round-by-round results

Tim Tszyu gave a sad insight into his relationship with his famous father, Kostya, in a recent podcast appearance, saying “he was never there for us”.

In fact, Kostya hasn’t seen Tim fight in the flesh since he debuted against Zorran Cassady at the SCG in 2016.

“Every year at school there was a Father’s Day camp. I never had one Father’s Day camp, ever had a Father’s Day breakfast,” Tim told the Howie Games podcast.

“He was never there for us. Now looking back to it, I understand where he came from because to get to where he got to, there’s a lot of sacrifice.

“It was tough because you always think your parents, it’s like a fairytale, they love each other. Then all of a sudden it’s completely gone.

“Dad moved to the other side of the world. For me, it wasn’t a big shock because he’d always be in and out. As soon as he finished boxing in 2005 he was always in and out of Russia non-stop.”

Tim and Nikita were given special treatment at school in Russia but were eager to return to Australia.

“We didn’t have any friends, the weather was completely crap, you don’t see the sun, you live in apartment complexes. The life is not something we’re used to,” Tim recalled.

“I told my mum we can’t go back. We wanted to be normal.

“We didn’t want that life. That life wasn’t for us. In Australia we’re not used to that stuff, drivers or bodyguards or having special privileges.”

Kostya is still living in Russia, residing with his two kids from a different relationship.

Tim suggested his dad had changed dramatically.

“I’m looking at him and I’m like, ‘Is this the same dad as before? He’s gone soft’,” he said.

Kostya was not only supposed to be in attendance for the scheduled Las Vegas fight against Charlo, but join Tim for his ringside walk.

The 28-year-old still managed to get some advice out of his dad ahead of the Harrison clash.

“Just to be smart, try not get hit too much,” Tim said almost a fortnight ago.

“Just the usual. That’s it.

“Boxing’s quite simple, man: hit your opponent more than he hits you.”

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