Tom Sandoval Begs Fans To Spare Business Amid Affair Scandal

Tom Sandoval has finally spoken out following the revelation of his affair with Raquel Leviss, which led to the end of his relationship with Ariana Madix.

Sandoval’s tryst with Leviss has caused a ripple effect on his business as fans plan to boycott his LA bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s.

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Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Called It Quits

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

According to TMZ, the “Vanderpump Rules” stars recently ended their nine-year relationship after it was revealed that Sandoval had been cheating on her with 28-year-old Leviss.

Madix, 37, reportedly got wind of their affair when she went to support Sandoval, 39, at his show, during which she brisked through his phone and saw a suggestive video of Leviss on it.

According to Page Six, a source claimed that the pair have been “communicating inappropriately for months” and that Leviss and Sandoval now “want to be together.” Another insider told the news outlet, “It’s true that they split and cameras are rolling.”

“The majority of the cast is expected to gather and film tomorrow to share their reactions to Raquel and Sandoval’s affair. Mostly everyone is shook and completely heartbroken for Ariana,” a source close to the production crew shared.

Producers of the show reportedly began filming again after getting hold of what had gone down between the trio in hopes they could film some of the drama in time for the current season.

Ariana Madix Was Blindsided By Their Affair

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

A source confirmed to Page Six that Madix was blindsided by Leviss and Sandoval’s affair, noting that she had “no idea there were any issues” in her relationship.

Another source said the blonde beauty, who has since deleted her Instagram account, was there for Leviss during her breakup with James Kennedy.

The Insider noted that Madix felt “betrayed” by Leviss as she considered her a friend.

Several “Vanderpump Rules” cast members have already taken to social media to react to the scandal. Leviss’ ex-fiancé, James Kennedy, wrote on Instagram, “Hope you all feel as sick as I do. This explains everything.”

“It’s funny to watch people social climb and be soooooooo fake that they’re willing to s**t on people that are supposed to be their ‘best friend’ (a term that gets thrown around very often around here) all just to come up or have some sort of storyline,” Madix’s brother, Jeremy said per Page Six.

Fans Plan To Boycott Tom Sandoval And Tom Schwartz’s Business

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz

Moments after news of his affair became public knowledge, several fans of the show took to social media to stage a boycott of Sandoval’s bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s.

One person wrote, “Time to cancel this bar… Nobody likes two-timing men.” Another said, “I’m in LA from Australia shortly and I had planned to come to this bar but not anymore!! Boycott all Tom’s businesses.”

A disappointed fan penned, “seems like a toxic environment to be a part of. Both these men cheated on their partners. Schwartz has admitted to it multiple times and Sandoval is no better. What a shame.”

“Sandoval should step away from the business and donate what he’d have earned to a charity that supports women that need to get out of a toxic relationship. That is what might save your restaurant,” a fan advised.

Tom Sandoval Pleads With Fans To Spare His Bar

Tom Sandoval

The disgraced reality star weighed in on fans’ planned boycott of his bar, noting that he’s just a part of it and the boycott will affect many other people.

Sandoval took to Instagram and said, “Hey, I fully understand and deserve ur anger & disappointment towards me, but please leave Tom Schwartz, my friends, and family out of this situation.”

He added that his “Vanderpump Rules” co-star and business partner, Schwartz, 40, only found out about the affair recently and disapproved of it.

Tom Sandoval pleads with fans to spare his business amid cheating scandal

“There are 3 other partners and 20 employees who rely on the restaurant for income for them and their families,” he wrote. “Just like TomTom, I’m a small part of a much bigger thing.”

He continued, “Please direct your anger towards me and not them. They did nothing wrong. I’m so sorry that my partners, Greg, Brett, and Schwartz, and our employees have to suffer for my actions.”

He then divulged that he would “be taking a step back” from the business out of respect” for his colleagues and employees.

Sandoval concluded the post by writing, “I need some time to address everything else. Sorry for everything.”

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