Travis Barker Gives Update Ahead Of Surgery On Broken Finger

Can’t put a ring on it? Puns aside, Travis Barker has broken his ring finger…again!

The entertainer is famous for his drumming skills, which he showcases with the rock band, Blink-182. In addition to his musical career, the California native garnered worldwide attention for his marriage to the reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian.

Amid preparations for his group’s upcoming world tour, which kicks off in March, the 47-year-old seemed to have taken practice too seriously. The father-of-two recently announced he would undergo surgery to fix his mangled ring finger.

Travis Barker Updates Fans About His Broken Finger Ahead Of Surgery

Travis Barker shows broken finger

On February 27, the Blink-182 drummer shared a series of posts on his Instagram page highlighting his broken ring finger. The first slide was a video of what appeared to be a medical practitioner attending to the entertainer.

The clip captured the tattooed heartthrob seated by a kitchen counter while a man tried to reset the damaged finger. The unidentified individual told Barker to relax as he tried to pop the bone back into place. “Do you feel pain?” the medical worker asked to which the artist responded, “I mean, yeah, it feels painful.”

Following the clip, were close-up pictures of the injured finger, which looked significantly swollen. One of the snaps showed the California native seated on a couch, wearing a black brace on the broken finger. These pictures were captioned with a finger-crossed emoji alongside the words “Surgery tomorrow.”

Travis Barker shows broken finger

Worried about the drummer and the effect this would have on the upcoming tour, fans, especially those in Brazil, rushed to the comment section with good wishes. Most wished the 47-year-old a speedy recovery, noting they had been waiting to watch his performance with Blink-182.

“You got this! If not, one hand the sht out of it! Can’t wait to have you here, get well!” a cheeky fan penned, while another wrote, “You are the best, everything will be alright! Love you.” More prayers came from anxious Brazilians who could not wait for the tour.

“Sending good vibes, we are waiting for you! Have a good surgery and a fast recovery,” an individual wrote, adding the Brazil flag. A fellow native quipped, “Get well. Brazilians are waiting.” Celebrities also sent their regards, with Barker’s wife leading the supportive comments.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star shared five prayer hand emojis and two red hearts, while digital creator Sebastián León Prado noted that he waited “30 years” to watch the drummer perform live and wished him a speedy recovery.

Naturally, the comment section could not be complete without a snarky commenter. The troll of the day blamed the entertainer’s broken finger on his relationship with a Kardashian. The social media user wrote: “That’s what happens when you put your hands down a Kardashian girl’s pants.”

A fellow jokester teased the Brazilian ruler with a relocation proposition to Barker. “In Brazil, our president just have 9 fingers… Come here and be happy!” the fan playfully penned. All jokes aside, the father-of-two’s broken finger was a serious matter as it marked his second injury in the last couple of weeks.

Per reports, the “Meet the Barkers” star first broke the news of his broken finger in early February on his Instagram Story.  The image showed the tattooed appendage with noticeable swelling and bruising at the knuckles. The entertainer captioned this post, “Again.”

Additionally, he shared a video of a doctor attending to the injury. Barker appeared calm while receiving an injection and discussing the problem with the physician.

Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian Celebrated Their First Valentine’s As A Married Couple

Before debuting his broken ring finger, The Blast reported that Barker and Kardashian marked their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple in style. Doing what they do best, the lovebirds blinded viewers with their blossoming relationship.

Instead of following the traditional romantic dates with roses and champagne, the duo opted for an adventurous day, as seen on the Blink-182 member’s Instagram. In the pictures, the lovebirds posed in matching fur coats next to a mountain range.

The couple took several pictures at the picturesque spot, including one of the stars shining brightly from the mountaintop. Following their adventures came a romantic time in bed, with the pair seemingly naked in the steamy snap.

There was also a picture of the white bed sheet covered in rose petals arranged into a heart. “First Valentine’s Day with you as my wife. I love you,” the smitten husband gushed, earning a sweet response from Kardashian that read, “First Valentine’s Day with my husband, my forever Valentine.”

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